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Was Imran Khan wrong in attributing quote to Kahlil Gibran, not Rabindranath Tagore

Pakistani Prime Minister quotes lines and credits Gibran, many on Twitter think the lines are by Tagore and criticise Pakistani Prime Minister

By The Telegraph in New Delhi

  • Published 20.06.19, 5:06 PM
  • Updated 20.06.19, 5:34 PM
The quote that Imran Khan attributed to Kahlil Gibran.
The quote that Imran Khan attributed to Kahlil Gibran.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan got some Twitter roasting when on Wednesday he posted a quote that credited Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran.

“Those who discover and get to understand the wisdom of Gibran's words, cited below, get to live a life of contentment,” Khan wrote on his Twitter account along with a quote. Many thought that it was a quote of Rabindranath Tagore's and lectured the Oxford-educated Imran for his poor knowledge of world literature.

Imran was never known for his knowledge in literature. 

Lebanese Gibran and Indian Tagore were almost contemporary and wrote on similar themes such as spirituality, faith and destiny. They are also two widely translated poets and essayists from the east. 

A simple search on Google using the lines Imran mentioned threw up two choices as the original writer - Gibran and Tagore. Gibran was mentioned more in he Google search. 

One person on Twitter pointed this out.