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Brexit on Halloween: Is it a joke? Is it fake news?

Trick or treat? Britain wonders, jokes and sighs

By Manashi Sengupta in New Delhi

  • Published 11.04.19, 2:41 PM
  • Updated 11.04.19, 2:41 PM
Illustration: @ARICHTALL

Borislava Todorova (@btodorova on Twitter) could not believe it. Halloween is her birthday, and this time she's getting Brexit as a present.

Todorova, who describes herself as "bitter bisexual Bulgarian" is one of many frustrated Brexit watchers. 

For EU and British leaders, it could be a no-holiday Halloween. Ireland's Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, while speaking on Brexit could not help saying: "As I learned this evening, Halloween is not a holiday widely celebrated across the European Union." 

Varadkar smiled while delivering this half-joke, but for too many people the new deadline is neither trick, nor treat. 

Exasperation was a common emotion as Britain woke up on Thursday to the new deadline. 

Some are worried that the children would laugh at them for tolerating this mess. 

That Halloween was trending in the month of April made some wonder if the news alerts were true? Or was it fake news?

Those who believed the news could not believe it was a date set in all seriousness by the EU.

Others chose Halloween memes.

While many Brits would like to see the British Prime Minister out, she is the Halloween costume hit. Everybody wants to be a Theresa May zombie.