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iCloud disconnect

Surit Doss answers all your questions about PCs, mobile phones and other devices

By Surit Doss

  • Published 30.12.18, 5:27 PM
  • Updated 30.12.18, 5:27 PM
You must always back up to iCloud and if necessary buy more space if you have run out of the free 5GB
You must always back up to iCloud and if necessary buy more space if you have run out of the free 5GB (Shutterstock)

I recently downloaded all the pictures from my iPad mini after an alert that my iCloud account had not backed up. The pictures have now turned blurry.

Anant Pareek

The pictures are blurred because you turned off your cellular data connection when the pictures were being downloaded. Since your pictures are in the iCloud Photo Library make sure cellular data is on and try again. You must always back up to iCloud and if necessary buy more space if you have run out of the free 5GB. To save space on your iPad select Optimise iPad Storage by going to Settings—iCloud—Photos.

Adobe reader corrupted

I was using Adobe Reader DC, but upon updating it I got an error saying “newer edition already installed. Retry”. Now I cannot find the Reader under the list of installed programs, so I am not able to uninstal it either. I would like to use Adobe Reader DC again.

Dr D. Ray

The installation of Adobe Reader has got corrupted. You will not be able to use the Windows uninstaller to get rid of the remnants of the program so that you can use the software again. A third-party application called IObit Uninstaller will be able to get rid of the corrupted Adobe Reader files completely so that you can instal it afresh. Get it for free from https://www.iobit. com/en/advanceduninstaller.php.

Create backup first

I bought an HP 15 db0186au Notebook with Windows 10 Home preinstalled and upgraded with a solid state (SSD) drive. How do I transfer Windows 10 to the SSD?

Akhil Ranjan Bawali

Most people get Windows preinstalled on computers they buy. These preinstalled versions of Windows are OEM (original equipment manufacturer) copies and are locked to the hardware they were originally installed on. This is where you might run into a bit of trouble with activation since you upgraded the hardware. If you had an original version of Windows on a DVD, it would have been much easier to transfer.

Windows 10 does not have any tools so that you can clone the operating system into another drive. However, there are third-party tools that can make the transfer easier. Download Macrium Reflect Free from https://www. macrium.com/reflectfree and instal it. You first need to create a backup of your system image. Click Backup—Image Selected Disks. You can also just select Backup—Backup Windows if you want to exclude separate data drives and only back up your Windows system drive. Under Destination, select the SSD drive. Your backup will be saved as a .mrimg file from which you can restore Windows to the new drive.

If Macrium does not work for you, try EaseUS Todo Backup Free 11.5 from https://www.easeus.com /backup-software/tb-free.html.

Driver required

I am not able to connect my Samsung Galaxy S8+ to my laptop through the USB cable. The computer does not seem to recognise the phone.

Brig R.K. Dhiman

This is most likely because your laptop does not have the Samsung drivers required to shake hands with your smartphone. Just go to https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/others/android-usb-driver-for-windows, and download Samsung USB drivers for Windows. Instal them onto your computer. Once this is done, remove the USB cable and restart your laptop. After you connect your phone, you will see a dialog box. Change the connection type to MTP or media transfer protocol that allows files to be transferred from the phone.

Use default ringtone

My Samsung Galaxy On7 Pro does not ring on a WhatsApp call. Uninstalling and reinstalling did not help.

Tarun Mukherjee

Sometimes an update to WhatsApp can break call notifications, especially if custom ringtones are used. Open WhatsApp settings and go to Notifications—Call Notifications and set the ringtone to default. Just ensure that the default tone plays when you select it. If it does not, choose another tone that does play. If this fails, go to the Android Settings—Apps—WhatsApp—Storage and clear the data and the cache. Back up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive before that. Now, uninstal WhatsApp and reinstal it.

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