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MLA's dalit son-in-law roughed up on court premises

BJP MLA Rajesh Kumar Mishra’s daughter has accused him of trying to have her and her Dalit husband killed

By Piyush Srivastava in Lucknow

  • Published 16.07.19, 4:26 AM
  • Updated 16.07.19, 4:26 AM
Allahabad High Court
Allahabad High Court (Wikimedia Commons)

Allahabad High Court on Monday ordered police protection for a BJP lawmaker’s daughter who has accused him of trying to have her and her Dalit husband killed but the husband was roughed up even before he had left the court premises.

Just as the couple were approaching the court gates, a group of lawyers pounced on Ajitesh Kumar and slapped him several times before the police escorts, who were a few steps behind, rescued him.

Justice Siddharth Verma had earlier declared that Ajitesh and Sakshi Mishra were adults and legally married and should be allowed to lead their lives as they wished. He asked the police to ensure no harm came to them.

Sakshi, 23, daughter of Bithari-Chainpur MLA Rajesh Kumar Mishra, had run away from her home in Bareilly district and married Ajitesh, a resident of Bareilly town, at an Allahabad temple on July 4.

She released three videos last week from undisclosed locations, accusing her father of setting his “goons” after the couple and her in-laws, and seeking police protection. The couple also petitioned the high court for security.

Bareilly police chief Muniraj G. had said on Sunday that taking note of the videos he had already contacted the couple and provided them security in Delhi, where he said they were now living.

The couple had arrived from Delhi with police security to attend Monday’s court proceedings. Officers said Ajitesh couldn’t identify his “three or four” attackers.

Mishra has repeatedly denied any threat from him to the couple but, while agreeing his daughter has the right to marry anyone of her choice, declared he would never “accept” her back.

He has told reporters he is opposed to the marriage not because Ajitesh is a Dalit but because he is “nine years older” than Sakshi. The couple’s unofficial “marriage certificate”, issued by the temple, however, gives the groom’s age as 29.