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Manmarziyaan stars open up

Co-stars and pals Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu are on BFFs with Vogue

By The Telegraph

  • Published 17.05.19, 8:20 PM
  • Updated 17.05.19, 8:20 PM
Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu with Neha Dhupia on BFFs with Vogue, airing tonight
Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu with Neha Dhupia on BFFs with Vogue, airing tonight A still from the show

Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu — co-stars in the intense romance Manmarziyaan, that released last year — come together in the fourth episode of Season 3 of Jeep Presents BFFs with Vogue. Here are excerpts from the chat hosted by Neha Dhupia and airing tonight (at 9pm on Colors infinity and Colors infinity HD)...

Neha Dhupia: What is your go-to comfort food?

Vicky Kaushal: Aloo ke paranthe, safed makkhan, aam ka achaar.

Neha: Are you lucky in love or lucky in cards?

Vicky: Lucky in cards.

Neha: Who gets more dates — you or your brother Sunny?

Vicky: Sunny.

Neha: Who in your family curses the most?

Vicky: Uhhhh… me!

Neha: Have you ever kissed a co-star who had bad breath?

Vicky: Yes! And I am just so excited to make you meet her soon.

Neha: What’s your ‘go Anywhere, Do Anything’ fantasy?

Vicky: I want to go to New Zealand and do skydiving.

Neha: How strong are you on a scale of 1 to 10?

Vicky: How strong? Quite weak. That’s why my name is ‘Weaky’.

Neha: Are you stronger or is your BFF stronger, Weaky?

Vicky: Oh my BFF! My BFF is obsessed with two things … one is playing squash and the other is doing squats… like she is forever doing squats. So I think there’s nobody stronger than her! Okay, let’s meet her. Do squats, come on… 1-2-3-4!

Taapsee Pannu: I have bad breath?! I am going to kill you!

Vicky: Who said?!

Taapsee: If you do push-ups, I’ll do squats!

(Taapsee does squats and Vicky does push-ups)

Neha: This is amazing!

Vicky: She can go on till 250!

Neha: According to you, which particular type of jewellery symbolises love?

Taapsee: Ring.

Neha: Any particular kind, maybe a diamond?

Taapsee: Yes, yes diamond.

Neha: Any embarrassing nicknames?

Vicky: Abhi Vicky ka kya nickname hoga? But I don’t find them embarrassing, they are cute!

Neha: A celeb who people mistake you for?

Taapsee: I just have hair similar to Kangana, so sometimes people are like, ‘You look similar’. I don’t think that we look similar, it’s just the hair.

Neha: Who, according to you, has the best gym look?

Taapsee: I don’t follow those looks only, ya! What are these gym looks?!

Neha: What about Vicky?

Taapsee: I think he looks horrible in all his gym clothes!

Neha: When was the last time you were scolded by your parents and why?

Vicky: Recently, because I was in Russia for shooting and all my mom wants is, ‘Yaar din mein na ek baar phone kar diya kar’. Jab tak woh phone nahin aata na, she is like, ‘Phone nahin karta tu’. Chhoti demands, chhoti khushiyan.

Neha: Okay, most important question… how’s the josh?

Vicky: High, ma’am!